As GMFX, we are delighted to have you in the trading world.

In today’s volatile global financial markets, investors try various means to achieve effective returns in a relatively short period of time. FX trading grows by more than 500% per year, due to the exciting opportunities it offers to investors, and its accessibility. This huge growth led to a period of development bereft of any controls and supervision.

Right at this point, Fortrade Limited received its license to provide quality and efficient service, as a bridge to the world of investment, by meeting all the requirements of the regulatory framework . We took our quest to offer our traders an effective, modern, secure, and uninterrupted service. Always thinking about the next step, following the agenda and agenda-setters closely, establishing an effective information network, employing necessary personnel to provide services round the clock, and entering into commendable liquidity deals, we strive to offer you services right at the heart of the market.

Regardless of the level of the trader, we offer a suitable trading platform, Android and iPhone applications to make your account accessible on anywhere on the globe, a web based trading platform added for flexibility, all offered as part of a trading platform package accessible with a single click. GMFX clients are free to access their accounts and trade freely through the application of their choice.

In addition to basic FX parities a Forex trader would need, many parities including exotic currencies as well, gold, silver, oil, stocks, commodities, exchange indices, CFDs and much more investment instruments are offered on the trading platforms. Without any commissions, charges, and regardless of the type and investment amount of the client.

Expert analysts of GMFX feel the pulse of the markets for you, and publish daily reports. All clients who have actual forex accounts are provided with this service, regardless of their investment levels. This allows you to review your positional assessments through comparison of your views with those of experts.

In addition to our web site, all our corporate networks have a special emphasis on training, and we provide you all the technology to increase trader awareness. All training courses offered on our web site are actually very important resources put together through substantial efforts, to help you navigate through the Forex ocean. Seminars, webinars, training videos and much more represent our sincere efforts to grant you a robust trading capability.

Our client’s satisfaction lie at the heart of our world, and it makes us race against ourselves in this most important quest.

Yours truly,

GMFX Customer Services Department

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    When it comes to online trading, security is paramount. We understand that and have made it our
    goal to provide you a 100% safe, secure,
    licensed and regulated trading environment.
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