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Goods that may be traded are commonly called commodities. Gold, oil, silver, wheat, sugar, coffee, soy and many others can be traded over trading platforms, within the commodities group. The use of a product in the markets, as a commodity, depends on its demand by all parts of the society, and the speculative value of price fluctuations. Therefore, metals in high demand, agricultural products which are used widely as raw materials, and many other similar products may be traded in exchanges, given substantial supply and demand involved.

Commodities Spreads Leverage
Oil 3 1:100-1:400
Gold 3 1:100-1:400
Silver 3 1:100-1:400

In times of economic uncertainties, investors seek investment instruments with relatively lower risks, where a certain demand level is more or less given, and which are easier to predict in terms of trends. A number of materials within the commodities group have specific characteristics, and have their prices depend on seasonal variations, production capacity, and numerous natural causes. This provides the suitable grounds for successful commodities trading, by careful observation. Global warming, limited water sources, and developments in agriculture constitute observable trends, which can also be associated with predictable pricing effects, patience and diligent work may bear fruits in the long term. This example delves on only agricultural activities, but offers insight into the trading of numerous commodities. The road to success lies in adequate information regarding the general characteristics of the commodity. The key to success in commodities trading is in knowing how it responds to economic instability, how seasonal cycles work, what is the overall trend, and other relevant fundamentals.

Commodities trading on GMFX trading platforms is as easy as trading with any parity. Price charts, analysis techniques, and all the features of the Forex infrastructure also apply for commodities trading.

Commodities investments in the Forex Market is quite easy.
You don’t have to pay any commissions or trading charges for your trading.
You don’t need to open a separate account for commodities trading. The commodities you can trade are already on offer in your trading platform.
Thanks to 1:100 leverage ratio, you can engage in trading up to 100 times your balance. (high leverage ratio brings the capacity to achieve profits, as well as the exposure to loss.)

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