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Those who follow world’s stock exchanges closely can trade much more easily and quickly on Forex platforms. The standard indices from the largest volume exchanges of the world, and leading stocks are available for trading on Forex trading platforms.

Currency Spreads Leverage
EUR/USD 3 1:100-1:400
EUR/USD 3 1:100-1:400
EUR/USD 3 1:100-1:400
EUR/USD 3 1:100-1:400
EUR/USD 3 1:100-1:400
EUR/USD 3 1:100-1:400
EUR/USD 3 1:100-1:400

Some indices available for trading on our platforms:


Dow Jones 30

The most important index worldwide, Dow Jones, covers more than 130,000 stocks in 165 countries. Dow Jones 30, on the other hand, is a specialized index, comprising 30 leading blue-chip firms in the industry, and is also known as the Industrial Average Index or Blue-Chip Index. Dow Jones 30, traded at New York Stock Exchange, the largest exchange of the world, is created to measure the performance of leading US corporations.


This is a US based index created to measure the performance of 100 large foreign corporations involved in telecommunications, computer technologies, biotechnology, retail and wholesale business and various other fields. Excluding the stocks of the corporations engaged in finance and investments, NASDAQ 100 is also considered as the world’s technology index.

S&P 500

Covering 75% of the US Stock Market, comprises the shares of 500 US companies with the highest net worth. 93% of the stocks comprising the S&P index are traded at New York Stock Exchange.

FTSE 100

Covering securities and various alternative assets from more than 80 countries, as well as the stocks of 100 large British corporations, FTSE 100 Index is considered as the fundamental indicator in the United Kingdom.

DAX 30

The German Securities Index, DAX 30 is created to measure the performance of Germany’s largest 30 corporations, of which shares are traded at Frankfurt Stock Exchange. It is monitored over an electronic operating system called XETRA.

In addition to major stock exchange indices, you can also trade in the shares of huge transnational corporations. Using bidirectional trading opportunities offered by Forex, you can open positions for both price rises and falls, to generate profits for both rises in stock prices, and falls. GCMAsia platforms will surpass your needs to monitor and trade in global exchanges.
Only $500 is required to open an Actual Forex Account and begin investing.
Thanks to 1:100 leverage ratio, you can engage in trading up to 100 times your account balance.
GMFX offers free analysis and signal services, which help you engage in profitable trades in Major Exchanges participated by all the world.
You do not pay commissions for trading in Exchange Indices over Forex.

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