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We believe that anyone can be a successful trader with the right tools.
Our mission is to provide you with the comprehensive information you need to make trading easy, enjoyable and of course profitable.

Deposit 250$ for trading on CrudeOil and get your 25% bonus

Open an account now with GMFX and claim your bonus

Deposit 500$ for trading on gold and get a 5$ refund for every 1 Lot.

Deposit 500$ for trading on gold and get a 5$ refund for every 1 Lot for 6 months.

Open an Islamic account for 1,000$ and get 50% credit bonus

Open an Islamic account with GMFX and pay 0 interest on your trades

Terms and conditions:

1-A Credit Bonus will be added to your account after your document verification.
2- A Credit Bonus cannot be lost (if the minus on your open positions is the same as your deposit, the credit bonus will be removed automatically). Clients will get STOPPED OUT when the equity in their account equals the credit bonus.
3- To get the Credit Bonus as a part of your capital, you have to trade minimum 0.10 lots on the basic instrument for every EUR or USD, where the hedge positions do not count, but only one direction trading (only BUY or SELL).

4-If client gets STOPPED OUT before he traded the volume he needs to get his credit bonus, conditionally per approval of the broker and the company per next deposit, settlement of trades will not be cancelled.
5- When You fulfil the required amount of 0,10 lots for every EUR or USD of cash credit bonus, it will automatically become a part of Your capital.
6-In following countries a credit bonus can only be  approved if the deposit is made via wire transfer: Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Pakistan, Ukraine, Cote d’Ivoire, Bangladesh, Russia and Egypt.
7- Credit bonus is limited by the company’s budget, so please, contact your personal consultant, to reserve your credit bonus.
8- Credit bonus is subject of cancelation by company policy at any time.

  • Safety Reliability Peace of Mind

    When it comes to online trading, security is paramount. We understand that and have made it our
    goal to provide you a 100% safe, secure,
    licensed and regulated trading environment.
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